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Anonymous: Just a response to a previous ask the keyhole is only done if your an a or very small b another type is peri areola which the cut around the areola and you'll get results like the keyhole you can get that done if your a b or a very small c

Some surgeons wont do it if you arent a small b tho

Anonymous: hi, bit of a random question old were you when you started t?


Anonymous: Hi I'm ftm and unfortunately I've lost contact with my male friends, now I have real anxiety over interacting with other males, don't know how to act, they won't see me as male, now I get anxious that it means I'm not trans. I don't know what to do.

There isn’t one way to act like a “man” and I’ve learnt that over the years. Some men are sensitive some aren’t - Just act like you.

Anonymous: Is there a specific length of time you think that someone should wait after realizing they're Trans before they come out?

Nah, everyone is different. I waited like 4 years. A close friend waited a week

Anonymous: Do you know of any good resources with information on T? I really don't know much about it, and I won't be able to even talk to a doctor about it for a little while, I kinda just wanted to research some.
Anonymous: Hi Chase, I was hoping you might have some advice about something that I really hope doesn't come across as offensive: I've heard a lot of trans people who aren't passing talk about how frustrating it is to be misgendered by strangers, and I completely understand that. But I have also heard the same frustration from butch lesbians who get annoyed when they are called sir. So if I can't tell someone's gender, what would you recommend doing to avoid offending them? Thanks

I do this 100% of the time if I don’t know how someone identifies, I just use ‘they’ and ‘them’ pronouns!

Anonymous: hi chase! I've heard that binding can affect top surgery results, & I'm scared mine will be terrible? I've been binding since I was 13, & back then I didn't have a binder but I developed quickly, so I was using 3 tiny sports bras to bind, but I didn't do it everyday. I'm 15 now, & I use a binder that I bought on amazon & 2 large sports bras (i'm an E cup, how terrible amirite) but still, i'll only bind like once or twice a week, do you think my top surgery results will be affected?

It will affect your results if your skin lost its elasticity and they are super saggy. If you’re worried - talk to the surgeon and make sure you get second opinions!

Anonymous: can t make your head/skull grow? i'd like to be able to fit into hats lol

UGH I WISHHHHH I have such a small head

it doesnt

i guess for SOME people it did but not a lot?

Anonymous: do trans guys on t get a receding hairline/male pattern baldness faster than cis guys do? it's something i'm worried about for when i go on t (i have 2 brothers and their hair is fine)

There isn’t any proof that it does

Anonymous: Hey man. first off you look amazing! Secondly, I wanted to ask you two things: first off, in your first week on T video, was the girl filming you your girlfriend? Secondly, are you over your that girlfriend? If yes, how long did it take to get over her and what would tips would you suggest for someone to get over their first love?

1) Nope, the person filming is Meghna, she was a really close friend of mine (she died this February)

2) I am no longer with the girlfriend I had when I started T. We broke up after I was 1.5 months on T. She wasn’t my first love but it was really hard for me to deal with. I watched a video on youtube called “how to be alone” and TO THIS DAY i watch it and it helps me