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Anonymous: hey chase! i just moved 2 montreal and i was wondering if you could recommend a gender therapist? if you cant no worries but just if ya know someone :P

hey, i actually went to therapy at the hospital originally - but if you contact the gender advocacy centre, they can give you a list! :)

Anonymous: hiya. okay so, my girl will most likely sleep (sleep in zZzZzZ) with me soon, but I don't feel comfortable sleeping without a binder, and I was thinking maybe I could buy a binder off of ebay or something and just get it a few sizes bigger than my usual (so it will flatten my chest, but won't constrict my breathing or be as stiff) cus I won't wear my underworks binder to sleep. do you think that could work? (on normal days I wear my binder for 6-8 hours,) (top surgery - three years away.)

Maybe you could wear a sports bra? If its not going to be EVERY NIGHT then you could wear a looser binder

Anonymous: Arielle suckks.I don't even care this blog is not about stuff like that but she makes me uncomfortable.I'm going to say this until i die.

yeah shes horrible and ughh i just cant lol

Anonymous: have you ever used theselfmademen website for a packer? do you know if it is a good site?

Its a good site, I know the person who owns it. Ive never ordered from them, though.

Anonymous: Hello. I'm being referred to take the pill/injection which stops your monthly. I'm sure you mentioned this in one of your videos but I'm not sure. I tried researching more about this but it's just coming up t pills etc. If you know, can you tell me more about it? Thanks! :)

I was on the pill for a year before I started T. I dont have much info about it but my doctor said it was ok to take it for 3 months non stop and then stop for a week so i can get my period, then go again for 3 months and so on. You should ask your doctor!

Anonymous: I'm still kind of new to T injections (been on it for 2 months) and I've never done it by myself. I found out two weeks ago that one of the nurses showed me the wrong way to do it. It was also never thoroughly explained to me what needles I needed. I got the right gauges, but I got a 1 1/2 in needle for my thigh. I've been reading around and I hear that's too much. Plus I'm a small guy (I weigh 112 lbs). I'm in Italy now instead of at home in the states so I can't contact my doctor. (part 1 of 2

I’m starting to get really anxious about it (like I can’t breath). I don’t know if it’s okay or not and I don’t know exactly where in inject it in my thigh. It’s a IM injection. I don’t trust them after how it was done wrong so many times. I’m surprised nothing bad has happened to me yet.

Slow down, take a few deep breaths. If you are not directly injecting air into yourself, or directly injecting into veins then you were not at risk for something really bad happening

I’m not a doctor so please precede with caution. Here is a video on IM injections and how to do them.  There are SEVERAL on youtube if you need a different video or a different source. 

As for needle size, from what I have heard the size is usually between 1-1 1/2. I would trust that you were given the right needles. 

Anonymous: Have you seen "My Transsexual Summer" if so I was curious about your reaction to it and to how they portrayed the people in the show. If not maybe look it up on youtube.

I have, it’s a great show

Anonymous: I got an STP however i think my o ring is too big for my STP. Any suggestions so my dick doesn't fall out?

Get a smaller o ring from a homedepot type store

Anonymous: hello, will you be able to penetrate if you get a phalloplasty bottom surgery? I googled this but did not get an answer

In almost all cases, yes. You can opt for an erectile device or you can still penetrate without one

Anonymous: hey, mister. being a pre-t trans kid and seeing your pictures on my dash really gave me hope for the future and that maybe someday i can look super cool too. thank you.