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Anonymous: I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I think I might be trans and the only reason I can't/won't come out as trans is I like to wear feminine things sometimes? I don't know, to me it's like playing dress up but I don't know if that's even possible. Is that possible or am I just totally insane?

You can be trans and dress feminine. Clothes don’t define gender! If you feel like you’re male. Then you’re male. I have tones of ftm friends who wear feminine clothes. No worries

Anonymous: Hey! I was just wondering why in your latest video (FTM ~ how to come out.), when referring to showing people videos/documentaries as a way to come out, you said "don't show them a Chaz Bono documentary"? I've not seen it or anything so I just wondered why not that one? (Sorry if you've spoken about this before.)

He’s a real asshole in some parts of the film and makes it seem like he is the voice of the community. Lol like no

detective-lawliet: with the anon asking about bumps on their nipples - thats totally normal vwv i am pre-op and it happens to me plenty, and i dont think its directly related to top surgery uwu
Anonymous: When you got your name changed, did you change your middle name (if it was feminine)? Also, how does top-surgery work in Canada (because, like, there aren't many doctors?)?

Hey! yes, I changed my middle name because it was SUPER feminine before and now its different! Canada actually has a lot of doctors! i dont know where you’re getting that info from! I got top surgery from dr. garramone in florida because I’ve wanted him since I was 16 lol but we have top surgeons here in Canada. Dr. Brassard (and Dr. Belanger) are the most popular and are in Montreal. They are the most popular because the government covers surgery in most provinces in Canada and Dr. Brassard does like 90% of the covered surgeries in Canada!

But I know of like 4 other surgeons in Canada who do trans things!

Anonymous: Do you have advice to guys who are looking for interesting and creative ways to save up and get money for top surgery?

Yes! You can totally make some keychains or bracelets - people love that shit. If you make it pride related, you might get a lot of people buying it!

Anonymous: I live in the U.S if it matters, but I'm moving to another state this summer so I've been looking for some gender therapists online and I'm a bit confused. It the site says the person helps with "transsexual issues" does that mean the same thing as being a gender therapist?

Yeah! you dont need a specific gender therapist to diagnose you and give you a letter for T - a regular therapist can do this as well but if they say they deal with transsexual issues, then thats a plus because they know what they are talking about (hopefully!)

Anonymous: does long-term binding affect surgery results? i dont bind much currently because i am nervous about degrading the tissue and all the other problems binding can cause...but i don't like having breasts. mine are also large and firm so binding doesn't work that well anyway. BUT my question: can binding affect surgery results?

Yes it does! If you bind for too long (too many hours during a day) for years, your skin will lose elasticity and your results wont be the same as someone who didn’t bind for that many years. 

Anonymous: what was your first time in a guys restroom like? cause i did today and there wasnt even urinals which was odd but is it weird that im just giddy cause i sure as hell am.

Oh man i had so much anxiety, I made a video about this actually haha I will put it up sometime this week!

Anonymous: hey chase, i'm currently 17 years old and i've been thinking about going on testosterone and getting top surgery. do you think i'm too young to get surgery and hormones?

Hey! You’re not too young. I know trans people who started T at 14 and had surgery at 16!

Anonymous: Chase :( :( :( how to save a broken heart ? :(

:(((( im sorry