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Anonymous: do you think I could go to Florida and undergo top surgery with garramone even though I live in Sweden? and for how long do you think I'd have to stay in Florida/somewhere around there? (since I would have to fly home and so on)

Garramone told me that he has people from all over the world so you could totally go. He says you can fly right after your drains are out but since yours would be a longer flight maybe stay a couple extra days

Anonymous: I saw on your personal that you've been on Zoloft for a few weeks now and I was wondering how you're doing on that? I know it's probably too early to tell but I'm curious because I'm currently on the max dosage of Effexor XR and if I'm not doing better in a month, my doctor's going to wean me off (which I am terrified of) and try something new.

hey! if your doc weans you off effexor and crosses that over with another drug (like welbutrin), you wont feel the withdrawl effects as badly as if you werent on other meds (i didnt do this but someone i know did and they only had weird effexor feels for like 2 days instead of like 3 weeks like me lol).

I’m on week 3 of zoloft, no changes so far as it takes 4-6 weeks to feel anything but im feeling confident. I’m hoping that its going to change some things… I still have anxiety, and zoloft is suppose to help with that but i have ativan to tie me over

i think i should make video updates about this though, what do you think? lots of people im sure are curious since i stopped effexor in june

Anonymous: hey there. I'm 32 and... questioning. I found your youtube channel yesterday and pretty much binge-watched the whole thing. And then broke down in tears. I'm calling up my local gender clinic tomorrow to book a first appointment to start talking about not feeling right as I am. Thank you so much for putting so much detail into your videos, it really helped me reach that breaking point to know something had to change.

I’m so glad I was able to help you!! Goodluck with it all :)

Anonymous: hey chase! i just moved 2 montreal and i was wondering if you could recommend a gender therapist? if you cant no worries but just if ya know someone :P

hey, i actually went to therapy at the hospital originally - but if you contact the gender advocacy centre, they can give you a list! :)

Anonymous: hiya. okay so, my girl will most likely sleep (sleep in zZzZzZ) with me soon, but I don't feel comfortable sleeping without a binder, and I was thinking maybe I could buy a binder off of ebay or something and just get it a few sizes bigger than my usual (so it will flatten my chest, but won't constrict my breathing or be as stiff) cus I won't wear my underworks binder to sleep. do you think that could work? (on normal days I wear my binder for 6-8 hours,) (top surgery - three years away.)

Maybe you could wear a sports bra? If its not going to be EVERY NIGHT then you could wear a looser binder

Anonymous: Arielle suckks.I don't even care this blog is not about stuff like that but she makes me uncomfortable.I'm going to say this until i die.

yeah shes horrible and ughh i just cant lol

Anonymous: have you ever used theselfmademen website for a packer? do you know if it is a good site?

Its a good site, I know the person who owns it. Ive never ordered from them, though.

Anonymous: Hello. I'm being referred to take the pill/injection which stops your monthly. I'm sure you mentioned this in one of your videos but I'm not sure. I tried researching more about this but it's just coming up t pills etc. If you know, can you tell me more about it? Thanks! :)

I was on the pill for a year before I started T. I dont have much info about it but my doctor said it was ok to take it for 3 months non stop and then stop for a week so i can get my period, then go again for 3 months and so on. You should ask your doctor!

Anonymous: I'm still kind of new to T injections (been on it for 2 months) and I've never done it by myself. I found out two weeks ago that one of the nurses showed me the wrong way to do it. It was also never thoroughly explained to me what needles I needed. I got the right gauges, but I got a 1 1/2 in needle for my thigh. I've been reading around and I hear that's too much. Plus I'm a small guy (I weigh 112 lbs). I'm in Italy now instead of at home in the states so I can't contact my doctor. (part 1 of 2

I’m starting to get really anxious about it (like I can’t breath). I don’t know if it’s okay or not and I don’t know exactly where in inject it in my thigh. It’s a IM injection. I don’t trust them after how it was done wrong so many times. I’m surprised nothing bad has happened to me yet.

Slow down, take a few deep breaths. If you are not directly injecting air into yourself, or directly injecting into veins then you were not at risk for something really bad happening

I’m not a doctor so please precede with caution. Here is a video on IM injections and how to do them.  There are SEVERAL on youtube if you need a different video or a different source. 

As for needle size, from what I have heard the size is usually between 1-1 1/2. I would trust that you were given the right needles. 

Anonymous: Have you seen "My Transsexual Summer" if so I was curious about your reaction to it and to how they portrayed the people in the show. If not maybe look it up on youtube.

I have, it’s a great show