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Anonymous: I get my testosterone as a cream, and I go to a compounding pharmacy to do it and it costs 80 bucks for a month. I'm from Ontario.

I’m on androgel and it’s free for me. What in taking about is DHT and it costs money because it’s not sold in Canada or USA. It’s not testosterone cream - it’s for your junk to get bigger.


I got the prescription! I’m going to order it online in a couple weeks when I have the money (as it’s $220!). It comes with 2 tubes and I only need one so I’m going to divide up the price with someone. Fun stuff!

Endo Appointment Today!

I’m going to see if Androgel is working for me and if I get DHT

Anonymous: Fuck, you're hot. And now I feel like a creepy internet stalker for anoning some poor guy out of the blue.

oooo thank! :D

Anonymous: I'm recently out and now that I'm pass the explaining it and getting all my new clothes (not much since I was already wearing mostly male clothing) I don't know what to do and I'm thinking to much into it and questioning so much about it and I was wondering if there was a way I could maybe/possibly talk to you because I don't know any other Trans people I could talk to at all..

sure - you can add me on facebook if you want!

Anonymous: I really want to have sex naked, but I'm really afraid to let my girlfriend see me naked. I want her to see me naked, but if we're having sex and I try to take my clothes off, it ruins everything for me. Any ideas? I know I should work my way into, any ideas how?

have you talked to her about this? if you tell her you’re shy or scared she might reassure you that everything is fine!

Anonymous: Hey Chase I am having my top surgery soon, but I work in a retail job where I am always lifting a lot of heavy boxes so I was wondering how many weeks off to request from work after surgery before I can work and lift boxes again without messing up my scars and stuff. How long do you think like two weeks before I go back to work, or longer?

They recommend 6 weeks. Some people are good before that. Se aren’t. I was still in pain after like 2 months but that’s just me. Plus if you’re lifting stuff you have to be careful that you don’t stretch your scars so I would say 6 weeks

Anonymous: Hi, do you know how much weight gain is expected on t? Neither my doctor nor google could help me, sorry :(. I ask because I'm very underweight (I'm 6'0 and 114 lbs.), and I was curious if t would bring me up to a healthy male weight. Thanks!

nah, everyone is diff - some people dont gain anything, i gained like 25 pounds lol - its really jsut your appetite that changes and i had to eat like 3 suppers so just focus on eating a lot when youre hungry :)

Anonymous: how do you deal with the anger of having to do all these surgeries just to achieve something that resembles what so many people are just born with? and my chest is so big i know my scars will be big and curved and i dont want to lose nipple sensation. it's just so frustrating.

honestly, usually i can deal with it pretty well but this week im having a horrible dysphoria week and i just dont know anymore. With top surgery - it was either surgery or die you know i needed to do it and i think if i start working out more my scars will fade and disapear, i will find diff ways to get aroused instead of my nips yoou know