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Anonymous: hey, mister. being a pre-t trans kid and seeing your pictures on my dash really gave me hope for the future and that maybe someday i can look super cool too. thank you.


Anonymous: How long were you in pain after your top surgery? And are there ways to reduce scarring?

Everyone is different. Usually people are ok after 6 weeks. It took me a good 6 months to finally be ok. After like 8 months I was able to do yoga. Thats some bullshit right there though because I was in so much pain for so long and then I ughh wtv. Anyways… yes usually its 6 weeks.

There are lots of products out there that can help you to reduce scarring. You can ask your surgeon!

Anonymous: hi chase! do you have any advice on choosing and settling with a name? i've somewhat come out to a few people and i'm worried that i might regret the name i've chosen and i really really don't want to mess people up if i decide to change again.

I asked my friends for suggestions and then I picked from there. Other people have asked their parents what they would have been named. I know someone who looked in the mirror and said a couple names until one fitted him

Anonymous: I'm not sure where else to ask this. If you don't know that's okay. I have a rib problem called pectus, and I've only started to bind with a binder (used sports/compression bras before). I know that stuff like ace bandages and tape can harm or cave in the ribs, I want to know if that risk is still there with a fitted binder.

Honestly, you should ask a doctor about this

Anonymous: I was donating blood a few months ago and the woman who was putting in my information asked for my gender, I stared at her for a few seconds because I was confused on what to answer, like, do I tell her i'm male because its preferred or is this a technical thing because it was about blood donation size and weight and stuff!?! yknow, I didnt know and I was confused because I had never donated blood before, so I said "Uh, I guess female." and idk just a story i guess not rlly a question ok sorry

Ugh thats the worse. When they ask for sex thats when i tell them im trans but if they ask for gender then i say male

Anonymous: How many hours did top surgery take?

I think mine was like 45 mins

Anonymous: need i mention you look progressively happier? good on ya

aw thanks

Anonymous: Hey Chase I've been on t for a year and 10 months and I just started taking zoloft for anxiety and depression, but I have zero sex drive on it and I feel like my private parts are smaller and aren't growing as much on the anxiety meds. Do you know any other trans guys who are on depression and anxiety meds who had a similar experience where they felt like their private parts weren't growing as much and they had lower sex drive on it and is that something that gets better with time?

I was on depression and anxiety meds with ZERO sex drive but my growth didnt suffer from it. This is the first time I hear of this so it might not be the meds, it might just be that you are done growing for now. If you really want to grow more, then maybe you should try pumping?

Anonymous: Hey. I just watched your video on not needing dysphoria to be trans. Thanks bro. I am a teenager who has recently been exploring gender identity and I found I am a dude. But, I didn't hate myself, so I kind of felt like I was not entitled to my own identity. Watching your video, I got inspired and I realized that I am the only person that identifies my gender. So, thanks. You are really great. You lent me a special hand of awesomeness and self discovery.


Anonymous: I asked this question on your main blog before I noticed you had a trans blog so I'll ask it here. How much time of wearing a binder every day for a full day (like 8 hours) will it take before breast tissue starts to break down and your boobs get all saggy? I haven't been able to find detailed information on this, and I'm concerned because right now I'm experimenting heavily with my gender and I don't want to fuck something up permanently and then come to the realization that i'm not trans.

Everyone is different, this is probably why you cant find any info online. I binded for 4 years and after like 2 my boobs were saggy but not super saggy just … loose? where i know other people who have binded or longer and still didnt get super saggy!